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Live Bravely - Live an uncompromising Life. Show who you really are - in flow and without defense or proving yourself. Being Brave enough to go first. Feeling the magic of Flow Energy. Let's awaken our Nervous Systems, the pathways that have been dormant for way too long, and live the life we are meant to live. Let's Leave the past behind, get deeply present in the now, optimize the frequencies for the future, and create a new personal reality in our 4 day retreat with women just as passionate as you!


Our live-events are life changing (ask our past participants).

Ready to FINALLY just be done with it? The doubts, the trauma, the old survival patterns, in short the mediocre life? There is a reason you are not getting the results you want. Old patterns and emotional auto pilots can truly stop you every time.  In these 4 days we literally Neuro Hack your way through your old trauma and survival patterns, and replace them with emotional resilience, purpose and high performance & influence patterns.  In this immersion experience we deeply shift and rewire your brain so old habits, thoughts, emotions and belief systems are simply shattered. Then we take you to experience an energy that is so incredibly powerful in these ancient mountains, and teach you new ways of feeling and success habits and patterns. We also meet the people, the food, and the culture of Cape Verde as  we deep dive you into an experience you will never forget. Master energy healers, massage therapists, and Annemarie as your mentor will help you make lasting change on an emotional, physical, and energetic level. We also help you take all the new wiring home with the routines and systems that will change your life there, and our at home follow up program. What your learn and experience will actually change your life. 

So are you wondering if this is for you?  

THIS IS FOR YOU IF you’re ready to tap into your purpose, charge your passion and live like there’s no tomorrow.
This is for you if you’re sick of letting fear or doubt constantly sabotage your life
This is for you if you’re committed to stretching and deepening your relationships
This is for you if you’re tired of listening to that inner voice  telling you’re not enough
This is for you is you’re ready to get out of your own way and stop self-sabotaging when things are going well.

This is for you if you’re committed to creating financial abundance so you have more time freedom
This for you if reached a place in your personal or business life where there’s nothing wrong per se, but you know there’s more to you than what you’re experiencing
This is for you if you’re ready to DECIDE and take your DESTINY and your PURPOSE in your own hands. At the end of the day there is nothing more nourishing to your soul then that. 


March 9-12th, 2023 in Cape Verde

Come and join us in 2023

FutureFlow: Create a Future you LOVE

Come and deeply connect with YOU.

What you seek is seeking you. It is that simple. Flowing bravely means answering the call that deeply resides inside of you, This is time for your HELL YESS life and we are going to show you how to get there. 

Through the bandwith of this retreat you will find an ever deeper connection with yourself -releasing old trauma, say YES to you, and create an ever increasing space for your badass, brave life. Come and create Magnetic Confidence, 10x your income, transform your romantic life and ascend into the brave whole woman.  

Become strong!

Anchored Self Trust that no one can take away from you often comes from deep physical experiences in the body.

To live a brave life, deep patterns of self sabotage that are stored in the body need to be transformed.

We deeply access trauma on a physical level and dissolve it. We also start creating habits of becoming physically strong and emotionally clear. Strenuous but gorgeous hikes- together with great food will allow you to create the building blocks to a physical health you never could have imagined.

Open doors - Experience a whole new culture

This experience will be so unique as it combines deep connection, physical challenges, and an ancient energy that will make this an unforgettable experience. Come and reconnect deeply together. Have conversations with women who think BIG like you do. Together we will walk through the biggest activations and initiations - together. 

Sustain the World - OWN YOUR STORY

You are here! That is all that matters. So feel free to choose your NEXT AWESOME EXPERIENCE.

When all is said and done you will walk away from this retreat with your unique message. That message may be to the world, or just to you, Your zone of genius is bound to make a difference in your world and we will make sure you have the plan to do so. 

Featured Programs

Flowing Brave - The daily schedule

FutureFlow becomes a way of living.

Day 1: FutureFlow 101 - Slay the Shame & Fear Dragon within you. We jump in and start the process of dissolving old patterns on a deeper level then ever before. Through our neuroscience based FutureFLow method, you will be able to release old blocks and fast track into a whole new brave life. 

Day 2: Go Deep into the physical immersion. Today we go on a challenging hike that helps you go way beyond what you think is possible for you, 

Day 3: FutureFlow 102 - Own your Life Story. Celebrate you & start creating the Future You. This is a day long process where we activate and map out from a deep quantum perspective what the life you love looks like. Let's connect with a deep leadership within you. 

Day 4: Sensual, Sexy, Loving...feel those parts of your break through as we spend a day immersed in loving ourselves. Today we dive deeply into an area you want to change in your life and apply the principles of the FutureFlow method. Let's harness your FEMININE power. It is taking care of you: your body, your sexuality. Today we will deeply enjoy our physical bodies in a safe expressive way. 

So what's next? Let's map it out and see what you need to experience, do, and have support with in our post program. 

BONUS: 6 weeks post retreat sessions. We know integration into your daily life is crucial to flowing bravely. Therefore as a bonus we will get together for 6 weeks in 60 min group sessions to activate you even more, 

Master's Touch

Master's touch is an optional energetic healing massage & bodywork we offer to fully help you transform past trauma into empowerment. This will make a huge difference in not only feeling good, but physically and emotionally helping your shift to emotional resilience & magnetic confidence. 


Flowing Brave $1111


- Prep course

- 4 day Immersion

- Private Community

- Flowing Brave post retreat for the first 4 women : 6 weekly 60 min group coaching sessions, guest experts, private community, and more 


Flowing Brave VIP $3333 - by application only 

-  everything in the Flowing Brave retreat PLUS 6  private sessions with Annemarie during and after the retreat - access to high level client mentoring via Voxer - 3 masters touch sessions during the retreat. Jump to the front of the line for 1:1 mentoring, extra bonuses, etc.

APPLY HERE  by setting up a 1:1 chat if you are serious! If you are interested in 1: 1 coaching, click the same link! 

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