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Hi, Welcome to my world. This is a safe creative space for Female Leaders and Mom-preneurs to move into a level of Fierce Confidence and Performance to help themselves and their families create the lives they love.

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High Performance Living

I always was the one with great dreams and visions - but doubts, insecurity & the constant pleasing syndrome would always interfere. Until finally I took the time to fix it.  Don't let the past rule your future! Trust your inner voice and GO forward with the 1 thing that will change your life. With my team of coaches and healers, learn how to implement advanced healing methods and proven High Performance habits to move beyond your doubts, fears, and overwhelm into a lifestyle  you absolutely love.

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I will never let anyone or anything stop me from shining ever again

This past year was a year of personal growth and emotional healing for me. The absolute best decision I made this year was to invest in a personal coach to help me in these areas. The work I accomplished on my inside is shining through and I will NEVER let anyone or anything stop me from shining ever again. Thank you Annemarie Tolman for helping me find the Light and climb out of a dark place.

When I was able to open my heart again, I had room for the most amazing people and they found their way into my life. I am thankful for new friends and business partners that I enjoy working with and doing our part to change the world together.

– Deanna Johns Nichols

A greater trust in my inner voice & ability to ACT faster than ever before

Annemarie has a gift for helping you look deep inside yourself to not only challenge yourself, but to love yourself and trust yourself. Thus creating a decisive ability for action while also recognizing your chapters of receiving. A beautiful balancing of life as it flows to you.

It has been a joy working with Annemarie. There have been many changes within me but I have truly enjoyed the confidence I have developed in myself. I have noticed a greater sense of peace while balancing the many rolls I play in my life. Greater trust in my inner voice and a willingness and ability to ACT faster than I ever have before.

While in my adult life I have gathered much information through my life’s experiences, the mentoring process has brought all the bits and pieces I have learned in my past and have organize them in my mind, leading me to greater knowledge and deeper understanding of some of life’s most important principles. Principles I believe anyone who has a desire for success needs to understand.

– Natalie Hill, New Blue Diamond Wellness Advocate in DoTerra International

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