Manifest & Create the LIFE & BIZ you really want

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Manifestation  for High Performing Women

3 myths: 

1) You need to fix, clear, resolve your life, partner, boss...before you can move on. Nonsense. Let's create the life & livelihood we love.

2) You have to work super hard, help and transform the entire world, and be perfect ...Nope, let's start doing what we LOVE to do, just because we love it.  

3) You have to sit quietly and meditate for at least an hour/ day to be effective. Let's meditate and manifest in <3% of your day.

1) Flow Method

If you are a soul driven, passionate entrepreneur who is ready for her next level - in flow- you are in the right place. The women who come here seek to tell their stories passionately, are open to a heart centered strategy, and want to create their lives and businesses with ease. The Flow Method teaches you how to manifest your desired reality consistently, through our 3 step method of manifestation, meditation and mental fitness.

Come and learn more. 

2) Our Community

If you are ready to step up and go on a true journey for YOUR community, for your peeps. If you are ready to find a vision and strength never felt before, and rewire all those (money) stories from your overthinking prefrontal cortex, so you can be that badass woman you were always meant to be- for them....

You are in the right place!

3) Structure

If you are truly ready to say no to the endless hustle and crazy schedules - and lead in simplicity and ease, let's do that together.  If you are ready to congruently turn your most precious gifts into signature offers that allows you to own your desires and build a million dollar brand, 

You are in the right place! 

During the masterclass, you will be inspired to:

- Find a clarity on the vision for your biz that totally inspires you.

- Boldy attract the power opportunities that are simply made for you

- Understand your blind spots and what has kept you stuck for way too long 

- Expand your wealth consciousness & Charge your Worth

- Create the formula for your Hi ticket offer

- Set up your High Ticket Biz

- Create marvelous connections with like minded women 

- Learn the systems needed to boldly grow your 100K biz

- DO the daily work. 


12 Month Mastermind!

- Weekly Mastermind Sessions

- Daily FLOW Sessions

- Monthly Flow Meditation

Bonus with full pay: 1:1 session with Annemarie & Flow Retreat


Create your FLOW

You didn't go through all the struggles for nothing. 

Apply HERE

Bonus: Flow Retreat for Entrepreneurs

The Flow Retreat is an opportunity for Hi Vibe Women to retreat from their busy lives to go on a deep inward journey into the quantum field—an endless field of infinite possibility - where you can start creating your future biz- free from your past patterns and experiences. 

Here you will learn how to truly become the Queen of your biz and master it. 

This retreat will help you again and again to go beyond you and your current reality, so you can connect to this incredibly boundless, life-giving energy and create a new future.

You will discover how your brain and body can create a new reality, while you connect to this vast quantum field.

As you progress through this experience, you will deepen your understanding of how your wealth consciousness operates, where it keeps you stuck, and how you can change it.

As you become more and more clear on the business you want to create, we also help you set up the structures to make the business run well.  

During this retreat you will experience true shifts, see yourself transform in real-time, and learn the science of awakening the brain and body to a true wealth & hi ticket biz consciousness.

Within all of this, you will also:

  • Practice FutureFlow meditations - so you can do them anytime in your life
  • Learn how to completely transform your thought and actions patterns 
  • Discover why theta & gamma brain waves matter and how you can train your brain and body to move into it
  • Practice programming the subconscious and unconscious mind into a new future flow.
  • Experience and practice the future flow formula for creating extraordinary experiences
  • Enjoy the energy of a community of like-minded women who share the same passion to create a new future reality

Here is the schedule:

Day 1A: Unleash your Inner Game with the FutureFlow Formula I - Release the Subconscious and Conscious Past Patterns that no longer serve you - learn how to do this consistently in your life. 

Day 1B: FutureFlow Formula II - Remember the Future - Reprogram your subconscious and unconscious minds into what you really want. 

Day 2A: Transform your MoneyKarma - Let go of old money beliefs and patterns that have existed often for decades or longer in your family. Use your FutureFlow skills to create a new wealth flow in your life.

Day 2B : Charge your Worth. Create your High Ticket offer with confidence. 

Day 3: Transform your Biz Flow - with your new found Wealth Flow - Design a Hi-Ticket Program that creates massive impact.