Beyond Boundaries


Awaken the Neurological pathways that have been dormant for way too long. Leave the past behind, get deeply present in the now, optimize the frequencies for the future, and create a new personal reality in our 6 day Retreat with Driven Leaders just like you!

Our live-events are life changing (ask our past participants). Ready to FINALLY just be done with it? The doubts, the trauma, the old survival patterns, in short the mediocre life? There is a reason you are not getting the results you want. Old patterns and emotional auto pilots can truly stop you every time.  In these 5 days we literally Neuro Hack your way through your old trauma and survival patterns, and replace them with emotional resilience, purpose and high performance & influence patterns.  In this immersion experience we deeply shift and rewire your brain so old habits, thoughts, emotions and belief systems are simply shattered. Then we take you to experience an energy that is so incredibly powerful in these ancient mountains, and teach you new ways of feeling and success habits and patterns. We also meet the people, the food, and the culture of Cape Verde as  we deep dive you into an experience you will never forget. Master energy healers, massage therapists, and Annemarie as your mentor will help you make lasting change on an emotional, physical, and energetic level. We also help you take all the new wiring home with the routines and systems that will change your life there, and our at home follow up program. What your learn and experience will actually change your life. 

So are you wondering if this is for you?  

THIS IS FOR YOU IF you’re ready to tap into your purpose, charge your passion and live like there’s no tomorrow.
This is for you if you’re sick of letting fear or doubt constantly sabotage your life
This is for you if you’re committed to stretching and deepening your relationships
This is for you if you’re tired of listening to that inner voice  telling you’re not enough
This is for you is you’re ready to get out of your own way and stop self-sabotaging when things are going well.

This is for you if you’re committed to creating financial abundance so you have more time freedom
This for you if reached a place in your personal or business life where there’s nothing wrong per se, but you know there’s more to you than what you’re experiencing
This is for you if you’re ready to DECIDE and take your DESTINY and your PURPOSE in your own hands. At the end of the day there is nothing more nourishing to your soul then that. 


Come and Join us

Come and join us SPRING 2021

Neuro-Hack : Change the emotional sabotage

Come and deeply connect with yourself and your purpose.  Through the bandwith of Healing &  Mentoring sessions, you will find an ever deeper connection with yourself -releasing old trauma; allowing your to be safe, and create an ever increasing space for your purpose. With newfound emotional resilience and guts, making empowered, confident decisions is easy and possible. Creating the blueprint for the lifestyle business you love is easy. 

The physical work - Become strong!

Trauma is also deeply stored in the body. Through the energetic Masters Touch, we deeply access trauma on a physical level and dissolve it. We also create the habits to become physically strong and emotionally clear. Strenuous but gorgeous hikes- together with great food will allow you to create the building blocks to a physical health you never could have imagined.

Open doors - Experience a whole new culture

This experience will be so unique as it combines deep connection, physical challenges, and an ancient energy that will make this an unforgettable experience. Come and reconnect deeply together. Have conversations with women who think BIG like you do. We will experience a different way of living  . 

Sustain the World - Your Way

When all is said and done you will walk away with your unique plan to change the world in your neck of the woods. Your zone of genius is bound to make a difference in your world and we will make sure you have the plan to do so. 


In addition to group work and personal core hacking coaching sessions, we will have healing & massage sessions, as well as meditation work to dive deeper into your purpose.

Pre-day1: Come a day early and acclimate to the surroundings.

Day 1-  Neuro Hacking 101 We jump in and start the process of dissolving old patterns on a deeper level then ever before. Through Annemarie's unique method you will be able to release old blocks and step into a whole new safe place. 

Day 2:  Neuro Hacking 102  - We more deeply learn success patterns and habits and let the Neuro system get used to a new way of feeling and thinking. Plus let's explore the Island.

Day 3 - Purpose Day- Today we dive deeply into your purpose and connect to it in a down to earth way. What is super important to you? How can you live your purpose and impact more deeply. Plus we will have a cultural experience in the evening.

Day 4 - Our exploration day. We will do a day long excursion where we push your physically beyond your boundaries - in a safe manner. Several options available in accordance with your level of health

Day 5 - What's next? Today besides continuing with our massages and other therapies, we will make YOUR concrete plan for the next 6 months. Let's map it out and see what you need to experience, do, and have support with. Plus we will say goodbye to the Island in a really fun way. 

Massage & Reconnective Healing

We are ready to add the Reconnective Healing frequencies as well as massage to this awesome retreat. This will make a huge difference in not only feeling good, but physically and emotionally helping your shift to emotional resilience.

Food is delicious. Excellent dishes will be prepared by hand picked local chefs. Bottled water is available at all times.  

Accommodations are not included but excellent, trusted arrangements are available. 



The investment is $3997, - or 4 payments of $ 1197,- which includes:


1) All instruction, as well as healing, coaching, and massage sessions (including the Reconnection a $333 value)

2) delicious breakfast and lunches every day

3) Pre and post program





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