Stop Doubting, Start Deciding

You have a message for the world - an awesome business. But the darn doubts or overwhelm hold you back every single time, whether you are a start up, ramp-up, scale-up or lead it up biz.

What if you could move beyond that and make bold, spot-on decisions from your feminine core every day? What would change?

And what  if it did not take years?  What if a moment of true safety could change everything? Welcome to my Neuro Hacking technique. Let's teach the neurological system it is safe to move forward and then learn the habits to sustain that change.

And YES, let's START building your business in the simplest, most leveraged way ever!  Would that change your world?


Take UP SPACE - for your message

After experiencing any kind of trauma - and especially after emotional trauma - it is so difficult for so many awesome women to let themselves be seen, to stand up for who they are, and to be safe in themselves. But for YOU !  Is it not time to stand up for you? For your message? For who you are?

Are you ready to completely dissolve the impact of your trauma, and not let feelings of anxiousness, stress, or overwhelm stop you anymore?

If you are ready to go from doubting and endless worry about the next step to clarity and emotional certainty - this is the next step for you. 

The 60 days - what is it exactly?

60 days seems short right? Believe me it is not. This is what we will do:

We will start off with '

1) VIP 2 hour  Immersion session where we really go after your trauma. Yes, all via phone or video conferencing. 

then we will 

2) Do Neuro Hacking Mentoring on a weekly (by phone or zoom) and daily (via text) basis to support emotional resilience, provide accountability towards your goals, as well as support your business building.

3) Daily Frequency work to help you stay aligned towards your purpose with clarity and certainty. 

4) Connect via A facebook group of like minded women

All this so you can stay in a positive emotional certainty while developing the strategies you need. 


The Purpose Habits - and beyond

After experiencing the NeuroHacking-method you will learn the 6 High Performance habits that will start to make thriving possible.

You will daily step into your highest frequency and at the end of our 90 days together you will:

1) Exponentially have grown your emotional resilience which makes EVERYTHING in life easier and better. 

2)  Know how to seek & find clarity, as well as subsequently act on the next step in your Life's work, 

2) Know how to generate and find energy to do ANYTHING in your life that truly matters to you,

3) Raise necessity in your life to such a degree that you only do what is Vital for you,.

4) Increase your personal productivity with habits that have been proven to work.

5) Know how to increase your influence in your personal family life, as well as your business world. 

6) Know how to consistently demonstrate courage.

Then we will make a plan going forward. Yes, there is the possibility to work with me further. But first things first. Let's start here. Come and talk to me. 


Yes, I want to learn more

Get the Immersion TODAY

Click the button to set up an appointment with Annemarie to see what this is all about.

"Before I began working with Annemarie, my greatest challenge was “putting the rubber on the road” and taking the action steps needed to move toward my personal and professional goals. Since working with Annemarie, I have learned how to shift my perspective about perceived ‘negative’ circumstances and now look at problems as opportunities. I have been able to overcome several self-limiting beliefs and personal constraints by this simple shift in perspective. I have been able to create some healthy boundaries with my time and energy and have actually reduced my hours in office while generating more revenue. The extra personal time has provided me the ability to rest, recover and play. I am feeling more creative and have been able to step back and create some programs that help me remain balanced. Annemarie’s professional services as a business and life coach provided me an opportunity to explore personal limiting beliefs and break through them into new levels of confidence and self-awareness. She created a safe space for me to be both vulnerable and honest with myself and others in my inner circle. Her intuitive sensitivity and personal interest in my success has been a great blessing to me!"

Gemie Kohler, N.M.D.
Director Innate Wellness & Medical Center

"Even though I began the calls to propel my business forward, which it has, I’ve also recognized how much my personal life has improved especially my interactions with my family and loved ones! Annemarie has been so patient with me, but also knows when to push me forward in my thinking. Looking back, I think I always knew I would mentor with Annemarie. But I resisted so long because I was afraid of change and I was afraid to make a commitment towards anything unknown. I haven’t regretted taking the plunge. In fact, it hasn’t even been much of a plunge. Its been so freeing. I haven’t felt this whole in a long time. It seems that most of our calls include some sort of breakthrough for me, but it doesn’t end with the call. I continue to learn about myself, sort things out, and move forward in life after we’ve hung up the phone."

Karen Abegglen

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