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Our 5 day Launch System 

5 day Launch Plan

Step 3: Taprooting 

3 day challenge

Women & Wealth Leadership Program

Women & Wealth in Amare: Special Leadership program for Women & Wealth - with Marla, Shalome and Annemarie

This program is designed to help Women create more Wealth in this world and in Amare. We will help you get super clear on your mission with Amare, learn the art of manifesting, clear limiting beliefs, and help your reach your next big rank in Amare. 

We absolutely welcome men as well. 

We will focus on Wealth as creating more money, mission and time in your life. 


3 support structures:

- Women & Wealth with Annemarie 9:30am EST  - 20 min 

- Shalome & leadership on Thursdays at 4-5 pm EST

- Marla & Let’s clear the Blocks at 8-9 pm EST Tuesdays (EXCEPT for July when we will meet on Thursdays) See dates below


Plus a Weekly Hi Vibe Meditation from Annemarie  


Contact your Leader or Annemarie for more info

Here is more info on Marla

and one of Annemarie's Meditations


PS The session with Marla in July will be on THURSDAYS July 22 and 29 , Then TUESDAYS Aug 3, 10, 24, 31 and Sept 14, 23, 28. My apologies for those switches but this is a very last minute program. So I am grateful for Marla for putting this together for us.




1pm EST TEAM call 



2pm EST Science Workshop with Dr Shawn 



5pm EST Corporate Call 



12N EST Attraction Marketing training

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Amare Attraction Marketing System:

1.Mental Wellness Solutions group - Prospect Customers

2.Mental Wellness Movement group - Prospect Business Partners 

3.Mental Wellness Business group - NEW business partners

4. Level up leadership - team biz group


70Strong - our team community

Clear your limiting beliefs around Wealth & Success


For Wealth and Success Meditations Click HERE


Edge Events 

Mental Wellness Certification with Dr Shawn July 27-31st

The Edge Symposium on September 15-17 in Irvine Ca

Neuraflow October advanced retreat - 5 days - location TBD

Incentive trip to Cabo - Mexico Nov 15-20




Impact 20 with Edge Team at 9:30am EST

 11:30 am Impact hour with Jess


1pm EST Level up Leadership TEAM call 



2pm EST  Product Workshop 



5pm EST Corporate Call for announcements and recognition



12N EST Attraction system training

8:30 pm EST Opportunity Workshop for Mexico / Spanish speaking


Call with Pat


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