ThriveX - Grow your business or practice without sacrificing your life or family

Trauma-informed Mentorship for female entrepreneurs and leaders

The secret sauce is UnFaked Flow! Live Smarter, Simpler and So much Happier


Power start your business. Complete the 3 simple steps that will start any Coaching or healing business/ practice.

Breakthrough your fundamental patterns that are keeping you stuck in your business. Through our Re-wireX system we teach your neuro-system to be safe so you can consistently move past fear, anger or self-doubt patterns into a powerful mindset and emotional resilience. That will powerhouse your business. 


Upscale your business by designing simple systems that support you and the flow of your life. Now that the basics are done, take a real good look to see if you are on the right path and simplify and pivot where needed.

Re-ingnite your most important relationships to kickstart a whole new way of being together. At this point in time we help you look deeply at the core relationships in your life so you can truly Thrive. You and your business needs it.


Release your business. In this phase we look at what pieces of your business can be released and let go of. This is crucial as you continue to scale and become a leader in your life and industry. At this point you need to find certainty in your purpose and start working in the most simple, leveraged systems to find time for what you value most - your life, your family, and your deeper purpose.  

"RewireX is actually changing the brain waves and physiological responses of your body so you can feel safe while stepping into a powerful business and life. The learned subconscious patterns of our neurological system often hold us back in actually reaching our goals. Systems and knowledge is needed, but by itself will never build a thriving life or business. Let's change those patterns!"

3 Vital Elements in our year long journey


Mentorship will happen through powerful Weekly accountability calls (group sessions) and individual RewireX Sessions. These will be the fundamental building blocks to  consistently move past old patterns into a spot-on mindset and emotional resilience while also building the tools for a powerful business. RewireX combines energetic frequency methods and coaching techniques to move subconscious patterns and trauma while establishing new success habits.

Power Retreats

Three Powerful Retreats to reset your neuro-system in a way that nothing else can.

1) Dare to Desire Retreat LIVE. Make room and live your purpose in a deepened way. 

2) Dare to Connect Retreat (online). Improve your relationships (the one with yourself first and foremost) so you can thrive in your life and business. 

3) Dare to Prosper Retreat (online) - Upscale your limiting money and wealth beliefs so you can upscale your business  



In Depth Challenges

30 day online challenges will help you focus your life and biz. 

30 day Uplevel your Biz.

30 day Embrace the Feminine

30 day Re-ignite your Relationships



Limited time BONUS

Join me and go to ONE of these super power retreats with my mentors;

Claim your Power LIVE or Prosper LIVE Retreats by Mastin Kipp

Girls Weekend away with Grace Lever

No glass Ceiling event by Kelly Fidel


ThriveX is a year long program. Why a whole year? While clients have major breakthroughs very quickly, it takes more then a few weeks to THRIVE. Patterns that have been created over a life time can be changed, but you need time to integrate these new patterns of safety and risk in all aspects of your life. That simply takes time. Working together for a year creates the safe place to truly move deeply. Come and find the power to consistently thrive in your life.


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