3Brains: Our Turn-Key system for Brain Health and Mental Wellness!

Are you a Nurse or other HCP who is ready to create a massive residual income stream while also making a huge difference in Mental Wellness and Brain health?

Our mission is to help anchor Mental Wellness as a pillar for modern life while also helping your bottom line! 


Have recent developments changed the way your are thinking about health and the health care system?

Or are you maybe tired of working really hard in a system that keeps your patients in a revolving door?

Yes, I have been there. As a nurse for many years, I did the same thing. Until something snapped. 

I had neglected my own health and wellness and had to choose ME for real for the first time.

Maybe you also never want to be put in a position again where you have to choose between your work and the safety of your family.

You are craving more … more time freedom, more energy, more mental clarity, more stress resilience, & still the opportunity to make a real difference. 

If a model existed where you can create the impact & income you truly want, while also working from anywhere you choose  - would you get curious?

It’s truly time to prioritize YOU and your Biz or Practice.

So you can finish 2020 balanced and renewed.

Ready to find out more?  

Our Amare business model is just one step away to help you and your patients with mental, physical and financial wellness. 

Come and Learn more!  

I am ready to learn more
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What's in it for you & your patients!

  •  Increased mental clarity and focus
  •  Improved digestive issues
  •  Reduced sugar and processed food cravings
  •  Increased energy levels
  •  Increased stress resilience
  •  Reduced anxiety and depression levels
  •  Improved sleep
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What's in it for the way you practice!

  • More impact & scaling your business in a healthy way
  • Mental Wellness and Brain Health as an integral part of your practice or biz.
  • Residual income
  • Time freedom 
  • More Leverage: Stop the One Man or one Woman show while maintaining independence. 
  • Better outcomes for your patients with increased involvement in their care.
  • Be part of the new revolution

What's included?

  • 8 weeks of coaching to set up your Brilliant Brain Biz system, including how to grow your business using the Amare App & system, power posts on social media & FB groups, LinkedIn growth, and the Dream 100 strategy. We also teach you how to set up an ongoing support network for your patients.
  • Ongoing training modules on how to expand your business with new innovative methods.
  • Ongoing Online coaching & community support in a private Facebook group
  • Targeted products to improve cognitive function, digestion & emotional resilience for you & your patients

You can change your life and practice. Come and see how it is possible. 


What are the 3 steps ?

Step 1: Optimize your own mental & physical wellness & get familiar with our platform

Step 2: Educate your patients  or clients with our turn key Amare System.

Step 3:  Duplicate the system for other nurses, coaches or health professionals


I am ready to learn more
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